Exciting Announcements To Kick Off The New Year!

Happy New Year! 🎊

Our team at S.A.G.E. wishes all of you a happy new year! We are excited to start a new chapter with our S.A.G.E. team, seniors, staff, and students.

Welcome Our New President: Dr. Steve Green! 

We are very excited to announce Dr. Steve Green as the new President of our S.A.G.E. Board of Directors. Dr. Green brings to the organization over two decades of educational leadership experience including over a decade as CEO/Superintendent driving the growth and success of school districts in New York, Kansas City and Atlanta. Dr. Green is now retired, spending a portion of his time in educational consulting, and is taking on the S.A.G.E. President role to lead our organization into our next phase of national growth.

Dr. Green was asked why he is taking on this important leadership role, and his response conveys exactly why he is such a great fit for our organization!

“I am truly honored to be selected to lead S.A.G.E. to its next level of greatness as it continues to foster intergenerational connections and relationships. Now more than ever our communities and our country need what S.A.G.E. advocates and facilitates: ‘Generations educating generations’. I wholeheartedly share this conviction. It is what attracted me to join the S.A.G.E. family.”

Dr. Green was unanimously voted-in by the Board. His first meeting as President will be in January, and he is already well into the on-boarding process. We are all looking forward to working with Dr. Green to build upon the amazing history and legacy of the S.A.G.E. organization, and to grow and expand into many more districts and schools across the country.
Dr. Green is currently an independent consultant providing executive coaching and consultation service to educators and entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Green was named Superintendent and CEO of the DeKalb County School District in July, 2015 and led the district to achieving full accreditation and earning the highest CCRPI and graduation rates in the district’s history. Prior to this appointment, he was Superintendent and CEO of the Kansas City Public Schools, helping the district stave off state takeover and reach provisional accreditation.

Dr. Green received a Bachelor of Science in English Literature and Composition and a Master of Arts in English Literature from Ball State University and his Principal’s Certification from Butler University. He received a doctorate degree from Indiana University with two majors: curriculum and instruction and education administration; and an honorary doctorate from Northwest Missouri State University. 

Dr. Green is the former president and CEO of Kauffman Scholars, Inc., a college-access, and graduation program aimed significantly at increasing the number of college graduates from Kansas City’s urban schools. Kauffman Scholars, Inc. is a comprehensive academic enrichment and scholarship program that provides coordinated, intensive, tutoring and life skills support to students beginning in middle school and continuing through the college years. 

Before joining Kauffman Scholars, Inc. Dr. Green was the Superintendent of Community School District #28 and a Local Instructional Superintendent in Region 3 for the New York City Board of Education. In this role, he provided instructional leadership and support to the thirty-four schools in the district and collaborated with a team of school administrators to ensure instructional improvement among the 142 schools in the region. 

Dr. Green also served as the President and Executive Director of the New Jersey Teaching and Learning Collaborative, a not-for-profit organization founded to provide ongoing technical assistance, high quality curriculum-driven professional development, and advocacy for local and state policy reform – all toward the goal of improving teaching and learning in New Jersey's districts. Prior to this assignment, Dr. Green served as the National Executive Director for The College Board, spearheading programs focused on equity, access, and achievement, e.g., CollegeEd, Equity 2000, Upward Bound, and Pacesetter (now SpringBoard). During his time in Indiana, he served as Assistant Superintendent for the Lawrence Township Schools. He also taught undergraduate and graduate literature and composition at Indiana University, Ball State University, Butler University, Muncie Central High School and his alma mater, Pike High School. Dr. Green is married to Kimberly K. Green. He and his wife have four children and seven grandchildren.

Welcome Dr. Michelle Gough, S.A.G.E.’s Newest Board Member!

S.A.G.E. is excited to announce that we have a brand new Board Member, Dr. Michelle Gough! Welcome Michelle!

Dr. Michelle Gough serves as Director of Test Security and Legal Operations at ACT, Inc.  Michelle holds a PhD in Education Policy Leadership and Juris Doctorate from Indiana University, and an LLM degree from Georgetown University School of Law. She has served in a variety of governmental and nonprofit educational roles, including as the General Counsel of the Indiana State Department of Education, as Chief Legal and Assessments Officer of Project Lead the Way, and as the agency head for the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.  

SAVE THE DATE: Volunteer Appreciation Event

Join us on April 20, 2023 from 3:30pm-6:30pm for our Volunteer Appreciation event to thank our volunteers and their teacher partners for all they do. The date falls during Volunteer Appreciation week. The event will be held at The Relic in Newtown. Invites will be sent at a later date. Mark your calendars!

2022 Recap from S.A.G.E. Seniors, Students, and Staff! 


Our staff has been so happy to see the smiling faces of several seniors, students, and staff over the past year. We reached out to them to hear about their S.A.G.E. experiences:

“I’ve been working with Courtney Pollack at Rolling Hills for at least 8 or 9 years and I enjoy it tremendously. Covid was especially difficult keeping me out of the classroom for 2 years. When I felt safe returning, I was elated walking into her classroom.  I wear a mask when necessary, but I’m so glad to be back and feeling some normalcy in my life. Courtney is a remarkable teacher and a joy to work alongside.”
—Susan Wolbransky, S.A.G.E. Volunteer

“I have been volunteering in Julie Lowe’s 3rd grade class for 2 years now at Goodnoe Elementary. I help her with filing papers in the kids’ folders, mark test papers in both math and English, help the students with their writing in their journals in their google tablets, correct spelling, help with science projects in a student group. I also help with art and craft projects, and helped with making a snowman with cotton balls and other fabrics, etc. I really enjoy working with Mrs. Lowe and especially when I can work one-on-one with a student giving them ideas to help with their writing. S.A.G.E. has given me the opportunity to use my skills in a positive way, fill in my time doing good things and help keep me active. Thank you for this opportunity.”
—Janice Magri, S.A.G.E. Volunteer

“I am working again this year with Joanne Marx, 4th grade teacher at St. Andrew’s School in Newtown. I am in her classroom for about 2 hours, one day a week (usually Thursday, but the day varies at times). Joanne often has me read a chapter book to her students when they come back from lunch/recess. I help the students finish projects, mark math or social studies tests with the teachers, help put up and take down bulletin boards, and give make-up tests when needed. I love my time in this classroom, and feel like I’m really a help to the teacher and the 4th graders!”
—Mary Jane Leonard, S.A.G.E. Volunteer

“Things are going well with Peggy. She is very familiar with the students in my class and has great interactions with them. She will look at books with the kids, use the iPad with them, play games. It has been very hectic in my room this year. She has been patient as we manage the happenings in the classroom. I am trying to get things set up so Peggy can also assist the students with some job tasks and functional skills like cooking, crafting, counting. We are happy to have Peggy with us.”
—Jayme Foster, Teacher

“The weekly visit with Susan Caldwell and her kindergarten class at Hallowell Elementary School in Hatboro Horsham School District is a highlight of my week. The students are always ready to welcome me in the classroom with “Hello Mrs. Harris” or sharing a special event with me during the time prior to the start of the school day.

The day starts with Morning Circle where the children introduce themselves to the other classmates. The introductions are followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag. In 2022, morning classes include math. The days of the week, month, date and year are recited, noting which day was yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Since this information may be more easily remembered in song we sing: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; there are seven days, there are seven days, there are seven days in a week. Additional math exercises include the children rotating to four tables with different activities that are focused on reinforcing counting.

In early spring, flower seeds were planted and the growth measured each week. The growth from week to week became part of the math class to determine if the current week’s height was the same or greater than the previous week.

The kindergartners have play time each morning. There are many opportunities to learn using magnets to build interesting shapes, the play kitchen, puppet theatre, cash register, coloring. Other favorites are the doll house and the bins with Legos and animals. The children’s imagination is always amazing.

Throughout the year I have provided crafts for the children. In October, each child receives a mini pumpkin to paint. (Picture). In early 2022 during playtime, each child had the opportunity to bend several pages of a paperback book that became a hedgehog. (Picture). Naming the hedgehog became a part of the math lesson as the children suggested names for the new pet, then voted for the name of their choice. The votes were tallied and the winning name: “French toast” (that was one of the items on the noon meal that may have influenced the final vote).

My time in kindergarten each week for the past eight years has never been boring. Each child brings a story, enthusiasm, participation at various levels to each activity each morning, and a lot of love for Miss Caldwell and me. I appreciate this opportunity to share time with the kindergartners.”
—Marilyn D Harris, S.A.G.E. Volunteer

Q&A with S.A.G.E. Teacher

We wanted to check in with one of our S.A.G.E. teachers, Marisa Palladino, and see what her experiences have looked like over the last semester! 

Q: What are some of the logistical benefits for teachers when working with a S.A.G.E.?
A: It is extremely helpful having an extra set of hands in my classroom! I have students who learn on all different levels in my class, which is hard to meet with them each day. Nancy easily pulls a group and works on whatever I need her to!

Q: What are some unexpected benefits you and your students experienced?
A: She has become another trusted adult for my students to have in their lives.

Q: How does having a SAGE in the classroom enrich education?
With Nancy being a former educator, she brings a lot to my classroom! She takes small reading
groups and reviews comprehension and phonics skills!

Q: What are some tips you would share with teachers new to S.A.G.E.?
A: Definitely take advantage of this program! I truly love having Nancy come in each week. She is such a great helper!

Q&A with S.A.G.E. Students

Q: What’s the best part about having a S.A.G.E. in your class?
A: “She helps us a lot.” -CJ
“She helps us do hard things.” -Juliet
“She helps us count to high numbers and spell hard things.” -Lucas
“Miss Fancy Nancy helps us learn.” -Madi
“She helps us with writing.” -Charlie

Q: What do you want other students to know about learning with a S.A.G.E.?
A: “She’s nice and kind.”

Q: I look forward to the days of our S.A.G.E. visits the classroom because:
A: “She helps us with lots of things.”

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And that's a wrap! 2022 is over, but we'd love to hear about your S.A.G.E. experiences over the last year. Share your volunteer story with us on our website! 

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