Our Mission

Connect senior volunteers with schools to support teachers, engage seniors, and enrich education.

  • Our Program

    For over two decades, we have been perfecting our program – from developing a nearly 100% successful matching process to educating volunteers, teachers, and administrators on how to get the most out of their relationships. Given the added challenges brought on by Covid-19, our program is even more impactful today. Our support staff is here to make sure that volunteers are recruited, interviewed, trained, and then connected with the opportunities where they will be most successful. We encourage both our volunteers and staff to provide feedback that will contribute to the success of the program.

    Our volunteers are followed throughout the year with check-ins to make sure that the match works for both the volunteer and the teacher. Our manual is customized for each school and provided for our volunteers so that expectations and responsibilities are clear and concise. A contract is signed by the volunteers to formalize and acknowledge the understanding of the procedures and policies

  • The Benefits

    Our administrative board of volunteers is constantly pursuing the grant opportunities that allow us to offer our program at a minimal cost to the districts, as we understand the impact of budget constraints. The cost of a volunteer coordinator can be a substantial annual expense. The S.A.G.E.™ program offers the same service – in addition to our years of experience – at a significantly lower cost to the district.

    Utilizing the expertise of the older community members for the benefit of the schools allows all community members to feel connected and a part of the educational process! At the conclusion of the school year a celebration is provided to commemorate the successful relationships that were formed or deepened throughout the year. This furthers the commitment of our volunteers and their teacher partners to continue in each successive year.

  • Senior Adults for Greater Education (S.A.G.E.) fosters a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. We are committed to creating a culture that is inclusive of age, race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

    S.A.G.E. is committed to the following:

    To make significant effort to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds and widen opportunities to underrepresented populations.

    We will provide resources to support and recognize underrepresented populations.

    We are committed to ensure that we uphold an environment where every individual feels their culture, identity, and experiences are valued, respected and appreciated.

    The scope of our diversity commitment includes all facets of the organization and is represented within our community of volunteers, staff, and partners.

  • Dr. Robert Abel, Jr

    Director of Operations, Synergetic Play Therapy Institute
    Former Chief Academic Officer, Abraham Lincoln University

  • Sandrina da Cruz

    Director of Global Response

  • Dr. Steve Green


    Independent Educational Consultant, Green Enterprise Works Inc.
    Former Superintendent & CEO, DeKalb County School District

  • Pamela Hall

    Chief Revenue Officer, 8th Sensus
    Global Technology Platform, AI Security

  • George Lucaci

    Global Head of Distribution, FolioBeyond
    Former President Summit, NJ Board of Education

  • Jill Major

    Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement, Training & Communications

  • Joe Menard


    Finance & Tax Consultant
    Former Partner, KPMG

  • Brad Pedrow


    Senior Consultant
    Veeva Systems

  • Paul Teufel

    Executive Strategist/Wealth Planning Consultant
    GlennCo., LLC

  • Noah Treshnell

    Vice President

    Founder, Date of Birth Inc.
    Former CRO/CXO Vineyard Vines

  • Constance Woulard

    Divisional Director of Nursing/Utilization Management
    Wellpath Recovery Solutions

  • Lyn Yetto

    Former Teacher
    Bucks County School District