• Whether you are able to give an hour per day, per week, per month, or per year, we have a volunteer opportunity that fits you.

    Regularly scheduled, weekly in-classroom assistance is our most commonly requested volunteer position. These volunteers are matched with a classroom for the period of a school year and provide an extra set of hands, eyes, and ears to their partner teachers. More often than not, these teacher/volunteer relationships continue year-to-year as the relationship grows.

    Specialized placements offer volunteers with a particular area of expertise or interest the opportunity to participate on an episodic basis – assisting in specialized events, like a spelling bee or science fair or lending their unique knowledge to lesson plans and lectures. The wealth of experiences that our volunteers bring to the S.A.G.E.™ program is what makes it so unique and effective.

    Extra-curricular club and activity placements let volunteers showcase their talents and hobbies with the students – from Scrabble and chess to knitting and gardening. Our volunteers open up new worlds to the students with whom they work.

    Virtual placement opportunities are now available in response to the Covid-19 epidemic. S.A.G.E. provides volunteer training for virtual support affording opportunities to contribute while addressing health and transportation concerns.

  • Complete the application

    A few questions help us identify the right opportunities for you. We are in several school districts and are growing! If you don't see your school district, you'll have the opportunity to request it for future opportunities.

  • Receive a call from S.A.G.E.™

    After we review your application, you will hear from us directly. If we have possible opportunities, expect a phone or email to set up time to talk. If we don't have any opportunities for you yet, you will receive a response by email.

  • Matched with a classroom

    We will work with you and the school district to identify the right opportunity. From there, you and the school district will work out details on the volunteer commitment. At any time, you can let us know how the experience is going and what can be improved.