S.A.G.E. in September

Join the S.A.G.E. Team! 🤝

S.A.G.E. is looking to expand its reach so that more volunteers, more students, more staff and ultimately more communities can benefit from the wisdom and talents of our ever-expanding volunteer base. In order to reach this goal, S.A.G.E. needs your assistance. 

Do you have experience in:
  • Marketing? 
  • Public Relations?
  • Finance? 
  • Fundraising? 
  • Strategic Planning? 

Who better to help guide our road than you, who is in the schools and has so much knowledge to impart. 

Committees meet monthly via Zoom from the privacy of your own home. We are informal and open to all and any ideas. Please contact Beryl Katz at : beasage03@aol.com, or (215) 357-2332.


It's Grandparents Week! 👴👵

Virtual Presentations from Grandparents Academy
Grandparents Academy organized several virtual presentations from September 11th through 17th for grandparents who are looking for insight on how to continue being an influential and cherished grandparent!

Some of the presentations include:

  • Grandparenting 101: What To Know From The Start
  • A Fork in the Road: Cooking Healthy with Grandkids
  • Creating a Spiritual Legacy with Your Grandchildren

Visit their website for more information on the speakers and presentation topics! General admission is free and you can claim your ticket on their website.

Generations United #DoSomethingGrand Campaign
Each year, Generations United encourages people to #DoSomethingGrand. This year, they are encouraging people of all ages to create a celebratory dance video in honor of Grandparents Day! Take your grandparents and loved ones, turn on Earth, Wind, and Fire's song "September" and show off your moves. 

Once your video is created follow these steps:

  1. Post on all of your social media platforms OR send to Sheri at ssteinig@gu.org for her to post with credit
  2. Tag Generations United
  3. Use #DoSomethingGrand

Generations United has created two scripts for your convenience as well:

Option 1: If you are dancing with at least one other person for the video.
Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “When you do a dance move and your grandparent/grandfriend adds their own “Grandparents Day” spin to it.”
Action from Person 1: The child/family member does a dance.
Action from Person 2: Grandparent/grandfriend does the same dance; adding in their own flavor.
Action from Person 1 & 2: Both parties laugh, hug, smile, etc., with each other and celebrate their bond together. End of video.
Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “Happy Grandparents Day!”
Try to keep it to 20 seconds!

Option 2: If you are dancing alone for the video.
Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “Today, I’m dancing for (INSERT NAME OF YOUR LOVED ONE).”
Action: Just dance!
Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “Happy Grandparents Day!”
Try to keep it to 20 seconds!

Visit the website for more ways to get involved! 


S.A.G.E. In The News 📰

Check out this article written about S.A.G.E. from one of our very own volunteers! It features our wonderful founder, Beryl Katz, and her vision to unite multiple generations and highlight the knowledge and talents of older adults. 

Read to learn more about S.A.G.E., the life-changing experiences that comes from being a S.A.G.E. volunteer, and how to get involved.


Golf Event Recap 🏌️⛳

On Monday, July 18th, 102 enthusiastic golfers braved the heat and humidity to play 18 holes of golf at North Hills Country Club in Glenside, Pa. The staff at North Hills was very welcoming.  After registering, everyone was treated to a barbecue of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken along with salad, fruit and beverages.
Miraculously, the rain held out until 6 PM!  By 4:30 everyone was back at the clubhouse happy, hungry and thirsty! While enjoying an open bar, golfers looked at the many items up for auction including foursomes to many other golf clubs. Those who purchased raffle tickets placed their tickets in bags.

After a huge buffet dinner, the winners of the tournament were revealed. One of our former S.A.G.E. board members, Jay Lawfer and his group won first prize! Trophies were presented and everyone left before the rain. 
We were all treated to a rainbow while driving home.

A word from one of our golf event volunteers, Paul Teufel:

"On Monday July 18, S.A.G.E. held its annual golf outing at North Hills Country Club located in Glenside, PA. All proceeds from the event go to S.A.G.E., and it serves as our organizations largest, single fundraising event. Since I joined the S.A.G.E Board of Director’s in 2017, I have attended six outings from the time it was held at Makefield Highlands Golf Club to Philmont Golf club and now, for the third year in a row, North Hills. I am proud to say that this year was among our most successful events on record! A big thank you goes to our Executive Director Beryl Katz’ husband Kal who operates Mad Golfer Gold Club in Southampton and helps to organize and manage this event every year. We were fortunate that the possible late afternoon showers in the weather forecast held off as we enjoyed near-perfect golfing weather and course conditions. This year’s outing featured 102 golfers, and thus far, I have not heard anything but positive feedback from the event. Kal has a knack for making this a unique event by featuring typical competitions such as “closest to the pin”, “longest drive”, and “straightest drive” as well as his own wrinkles such as “beat the pro”, “string and you’re in”, and the “balcony ball toss.” On behalf of the Board, I cannot thank Kal, North Hills, the participants, and the sponsors enough for making this another fantastic success. We look forward to continuing this S.A.G.E. tradition next year."

S.A.G.E. sends out a HUGE thank you to Kal Katz, who organizes this event every year! This was a huge success! 

Our First S.A.G.E. Training 🧠

 It's hard to believe September is around the corner and trainings will begin!  Our first training will be held on September 21, at 1 pm via Zoom. We are thrilled to have Mr. George Dillman back to speak to us on the topic of Cybersecurity. Below is a brief description of this presentation as well as Mr. Dillman's bio. Please RSVP on or before September 15th. A zoom link will be provided only to those volunteers who sign up. 

Cybersecurity – Tips for Online Shopping
Online shopping has become very popular. Criminals know this and are primed and ready to take advantage of our generosity. They’ve honed and perfected their skills with ways to gather your personal information, steal your identity and your hard-earned money. This presentation will provide tips for protecting your personal information while shopping safely online!
George Dillman is the Consumer Outreach Specialist with the Investor Education and Consumer Outreach Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.
George has over 25 years of speaking and training experience. He is very passionate about saving and investing for the future and teaching people how to protect their assets.
For the last fifteen years, George has worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Prior to working for the PA Department of Banking and Securities, he worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry leading a team at the Bureau of Workforce Partnership Operations in Employment Services. He’s worked with both employers and consumers, one on one, as well as speaking at a number of local and regional events.
George’s educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in Kutztown, PA.

Upcoming Trainings

October 10 @ 1pm
Mandated Reporting
Presented by Jamie Phister, MPH
Training Coordinator
Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA)

November 15 @ 4pm
Trauma Informed Education
Presented by Dr. Joy Klotz
Academic Administrator and Professional Educator

S.A.G.E. MasterClass Subscription Experiences 💻

We offered a MasterClass subscription to all of our volunteers at S.A.G.E. and we got some feedback. A huge thank you to Doug Riddle who reconditioned computers and donated them to a few volunteers!

S.A.G.E. Volunteer Laurie:
"Dear Kathi,
Once again, I would like to thank you, Beryl, and Brad for your S.A.G.E. gift membership subscription to MasterClass. The classes are already a wonderful part of my Summer 2022 vacation plans… exploring new places/subjects, meeting some great mentors, and expanding this senior adult’s own education. This lifelong teacher/learner is indeed appreciative!"

S.A.G.E. Volunteer Ilene:
"Good Morning,
Master Classes are excellent and I greatly appreciate this access! Instructors, to name a few, that I am following are Hillary Clinton, Amy Tan, Joy Harjo and Roxanne Gay. These classes bring forth your creativity and inspiration highlighting talents that are within you 😊."

S.A.G.E. Volunteer Bonnie:
"I am so thrilled and thankful about Masterclass. Every speaker has been so dynamic and so skilled in their presentations. I tend to start with my hobby of cooking but now I have branched out into topics that I normally would not have ventured into. So many self improvement classes that I get joy in passing along the info I learned. Now I am listening to young entrepreneurs and how they established their businesses. I have always been a lifelong learner but Masterclass has opened the doors to topics that normally I wouldn’t have been exposed to. I so appreciate having Masterclass."


Commit to Connect 🔗

Commit to Connect is an initiative that aims to eliminate isolation and loneliness by creating social connections. 

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